We're ready to make kitchen memories!


No more boring Friday nights or rainy Saturday afternoons!  Online baking classes and competitions for the whole family that will keep your kids (and you!) entertained for hours while creating lasting memories sure to make these times sweeter!

Looking to find something new and exciting to do to spend intentional time together with your family?

Starting to get bored with "the usual" family activities?


We have been leading kids' baking classes for over 7 years, both in person and online, and now it's time to bring our passion for baking to YOUR kitchen.  


Our Family Bake Dates membership is designed to be interactive experiences for you to create moments and memories that last far longer than the delicious treats you will make!


As a member of Family Bake Dates, here's what you'll receive each month: 

🧁Growing Library of On-Demand Classes

You'll receive access to 50+ on-demand baking classes with over 100 recipes that you can do whenever your schedule allows.  Plus we're adding new classes all the time.

Recipes will be individual-portion size so you don't wind up with 5 dozen treats (which, let's be honest, you'll be sneaking once the kids are in bed!) Plus - no more fighting over who gets to pour the vanilla. Everyone can do their own! 

Class themes range from donuts, to cake pops, to ice cream to cupcake decorating - plus it includes famous classes such as our Great Cookie Quest and Best Brownie Battle! 🍩🍪

🧁LIVE Bake-Alongs

Yes, that's right. This has been SO highly requested, we are giving it to you!  Meet me in the kitchen and (virtually) bake along side me and other families to create a fun sense of togetherness! ❤️  

🧁Additional tips, tricks, trainings, and discounts galore! 

This is only the start! We have lots more coming your way including extra videos, kitchen hacks, Nailed It competitions and SIGNIFICANT discounts on our Kids Baking Challenge boxes (basically think Chopped plus Kids Baking Championship with a mystery box of supplies delivered to your door).  We may even perhaps throw in something [gasp] healthy once in awhile!  


Family Bake Date Membership

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We're Ready to Bake!


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🧁We are here to learn - while also making memories! 

Thousands of families have come together in the kitchen through our in-person kids baking experiences at The Kennett Kitchen in Kennett Square, PA, AND throughour nationwide online classes.  But we want to spread our passion and impact even more families, whether near or far. That is why we've created our online family membership!  We can't wait to get into your kitchen ❤️

Start baking with us now!

"This was a blast! Kids and adults all decorated their own cake and really enjoyed themselves. Megan taught us some basic piping techniques and then set us loose to decorate our own. It was fantastic! I'd highly recommend to anyone wanting to get a group together for a fun couple of hours."

Kristy S.

"My son and I had so much fun this morning! It was our first cooking class together. As we were leaving he said "I will always remember this day!" Me too! I'm trying to spend more quality 1:1 time with each kid and this was right up his alley! Thank you for a fun class!"

Katrina E.

"We did Nailed It bake off and it was amazing. They kept things simple and fun. We can't wait to try another class. She made sure it was about the family experience, not just what you're making. "

Kevin M

"Fun Mommy-Daughter bonding time. We had a blast today with The Kennett Kitchen. So much fun. Loved the quality time with my little one ❤️❤️ Definitely will be doing this again!! We are so excited to [do this again] with the rest of my girls! Thanks for doing this and giving us wonderful memories together ❤️"

Megan K.

Frequently Asked Questions

What our most successful students asked before joining Family Bake Dates

Kids vary greatly in their skill level and ability to focus at all ages, so we leave it up to the parents to decide if their child will do well in a class environment for 90 minutes or so. A typical guideline has been ages 5 -12 but we have had kids as young as 3 and as old as 15 do well and love the classes! The younger kids will need more assistance from adults whereas the older kids will be able to complete most of the recipes on their own.   

In short, yes.  However, while these are cooking classes with instruction from us, we like to think of them as an interactive experience between a child and their parent/grandparent/etc to foster memories and moments beyond kitchen confidence.  

We do our best to accommodate food allergies and lifestyles (i.e. nut-free, vegan/vegetarian, dairy-free, etc), and can offer recipe substitutions but cannot guarantee that all recipes will be able to be modified.  Most recipes do contain dairy and gluten.  

These courses are completely taught online and can be viewed on any device with a good internet connection and browser capabilities.

No physical products are mailed to you. A shopping list is included in each course so you can make the shopping trip its own learning lesson...  or perhaps you'll just do an Amazon pantry delivery!  

You will receive immediate access to your membership area, where a library FULL of classes will be waiting for you.

While you may not share your login details with other families, you absolutely can complete the courses together in one venue as a large group (if and when large gatherings are allowed). 

We actually highly recommend using these courses as a fun birthday party or Girl Scout activity.  There's something about baking that brings people together.  ❤

Most courses will use standard baking pans and supplies, but some may utilize more specialty supplies like piping tips and donut pans.  Any supplies required should be available for order online via Amazon or other craft stores and typically will be less than $10.  

Family Bake Date Membership

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We're Ready to Bake!


 Annual Family Bake Date Membership

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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident your family will love getting in the kitchen together, that we are offering a 30 day money-back guarantee. 

Complete your classes together and I double-donut dare you to not create memories that will make you smile for years to come.  If the classes are not up to your satisfaction, email [email protected] with a video describing your feedback.  


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